Today I am sitting in a cyclical pattern of frustration. I know this feeling too well. I am writing this in hopes to break the frustration and anger and provide focus for the rest of my evening. The way that I process in my life is through talking out loud or writing it out. I … Continue reading cycles.

Adrenal Fatigue

As a health nut, I am the queen of fast and accurate medical/ health info.  I find myself reading blog posts or social media “science” daily, and  I geek out on supplements and integrative therapies for health prevention or promotion. For a long time I found so much of it interesting and didn’t research further. … Continue reading Adrenal Fatigue


Ground breaking If I only had one word to sum up this year, it would be groundbreaking. I got comfortable with the uncomfortable. I found acceptance within myself when I was losing everything. Since February, lifes been putting my strength to the test. Everything I knew as solid and sound got stripped away from me … Continue reading 2018


you should never rush writing, but in my situation if I dont, it will never get written. t-1 hour until I leave for my nightshift. I am a perfectionist when it comes to pretty much everything. That has taken me a long time to  come to terms with. Nobody wants to admit that they can't … Continue reading Imperfection