365 days.

Its been exactly a year since Matt and I leaned into a session with Sophie and Adi. Holy crap when I think about what has happened, and what lies ahead. Ive been lost, trapped, afraid ,alone , completely gutted, immobilized and helpless. I hit my own rock bottom. i realized-- nobody is coming to save … Continue reading 365 days.

so many updates

this will be short since i need to wake early for work tomorrow BUT employment dramaNYC updatescareer thoughts/progressionstress fratcure healing/ need to travel.closenessconfidence work

blank page

Today is the first day in MONTHS I have felt inspired. Holy. crap did it feel good. I didn't even put my plan into action , but to FEEL internal passion again is everything. Pulling myself out of my depression is the hadest thing i have ever done. To feel the rejection of not being … Continue reading blank page

On insanity

I am in bed at 9pm on a friday night. I worked, went and swam laps, came home, made an egg and chicken sausage. I was reminded of covid and all the breakfast food i ate with matt. I started reminiscing- but stopped myself. i remembered the resentment i lived in. How i couldn't simply … Continue reading On insanity