The Why

I’m Savannah.

A 29 year old exploring all facets of life.  Writing has been my creative outlet as long as I can remember. When my life is out of alignment, the first thing that goes is my creativity. My mind moves so fast that journals feel tedious and my hand just cannot keep up with my thoughts.   Speaking all of my inner thoughts in monologue over and over again out loud with no filter to loved ones, as it turns out-  does not aide in long term relational success either (i learned this one through some tough trial and error).  This year, Ive found that this blog i started in my early 20s as an educational platform is actually the perfect medium. The space between journaling and monologue / individual therapy. probably better than either, a combination of both.

If you look back at my early posts, its all integrative and functional medicine. Those are still large parts of me- I am a nurse practitioner practicing functional medicine, and I have major passion there. Its approaching health through a holistic lense and combining all modalities. I look at each patient as a puzzle, and work to put together their pieces in color- and that is so individually unique depending on the person. my current passion is in mental health and utilizing plant medicine to help neural rewiring after PTSD, and to treat depression- as those things hit close to home for me from my experience in my mid 20s. I am in a certification course for life coaching, and plan to take a course on integrating, ketamine, and administering psilyosbin for depression and anxiety down the line for neural shifts.

As i found my way back to this blog in the last year,  most of the posts have been on navigating through major heartbreak. they are as raw as it comes.  The universal loss of the human experience. I love, really freakin hard. its one of my super powers. I am also a loyalist, sometimes to a fault- but i would never change either of those things about myself. As I have started pouring more of my heart and life onto this page, I have found that my posts range. I will start typing on one topic, and my mind just takes me as my fingers hit the keyboard.

This site is a little bit of everything, kind of like me. I wear many hats, and i am one of the most open minded people you will ever meet when i feel safe. I am a true yes person and love a good challenge. I laugh A LOT and find humor in the hard shit. I also embrace and go to depths in the hard shit. sometimes i even get stuck down there. this year- after a long visit in the hard, I learned how to pull myself out and find the sun again. i love to learn, and there is almost no topic i will turn down discussing. I used to see life as black and white, but now see it as completely grey with blips of color that can change and transform over time. I am extremely accepting when i feel safe,  and know how to hold others through celebration and highs and through the darkest of lows.

my loves:  world travel the cheap way, triathlon and yoga, medicine, live music, deep conversation, clean home spaces, 10 hour night sleeps, being absolutely silly and crazy, dancing as i cook, cuddling with my kitty, writing, weighted blankets, grapes, and hot sunny weather.

my dislikes: ambiguity, loss, conflict, stagnation, math, waiting (seriously i am one of the least patient people you will ever meet),  not feeling heard, spicy food, lack of second chances, constipation,  being tired, and the perception of losing time.

my second decade on earth was a clear balance of darkness and light – loving another and loving myself. finding confidence and empathy.  entitlement and selflessness. self protection and heart opening. learning how to fail, and how to stand up on my own two feet. facing rejection and finding self compassion.  I turn 30 this year, and I am excited to see where life takes me.

Thanks for following along!