Hi! I’m Savannah!

Born overseas, and raised in Atlanta, I’m a health nut, aspiring world traveler, and endurance runner with a fierce type A personality.

I just recently graduated nursing school in a second degree program, and residing in Atlanta, Georgia. My first undergraduate degree was in Health Promotion and Behavior,  leaving me with a profound passion for health and nutrition.  I love taking on new projects, exploring new running routes, and adventure often in my free time. Taking the time to travel and see the world is exhilarating, provides constant opportunity and I truly believe it makes me a better person. I am known to hop on a plane any chance I get!

I started planning trips (both locally and international) and found myself running into trouble finding valuable tips or information on things to do for someone as active as myself. Sites such as tripadvisor or “top 10” can be helpful in planning a trip, but I have found the most value in the account of others, so I decided what better way to offer information of things I thought were noteworthy? Of course hotels are great, but as a 25 year old on a budget, I like to find deals and inside scoops. Similarly goes for hikes- what exactly is “easy” or “strenuous”  for example. My hope is to provide more insight and use this site as both a personal journal but also as a resource for others for all things travel and health.

I started this blog as a platform to document my travels, but due to my love of nutrition and running, don’t be surprised to find posts about races,  supplements I think are optimal, the occasional health rant (promise to keep those to a minimum), or anything else that may strike my fancy.