Gratitude, Grief & Guidance

forgiveness is the undoing of a fear based belief system .

letting go allows for expansion

control leads to suffocation

loving others is paramount , but being in and loving your own energy is the most important

narcissistic traits lie in people pleasing and in control

trauma cannot be healed in the presence of the person that hurt you

things fall apart for more aligned things to fall into place

loving another fully is not possible without seeing the depths of their shadows

accepting oneself fully is not possible without learning to address, love and heal your own shadows

connection is what makes life worth it

a solid foundation is necessary to build. if you dont have one — breathe, heal, and build again. maybe in a new place or with a new vision/ new person- or in the same with a new vision and actual transformative work.

nobodys path is the same

we will all experience several ego deaths in our lifetimes- if we are self aware enough

the destination actually does not matter. can you lean into presence and FEEL in the journey (*this one was my greatest lesson in my 20s)

intuition is good protection, but not always absolute.

love hard. give second chances. stand up for yourself. dont tollerate shit. laugh daily. move daily. prioritize your mental health at all costs. when someone shows you who they are, believe them unless there’s been time and real work.

evolved souls will want to meet new versions of you. insecure / fear based souls will expect you to be in the exact same place when they see you again.

most importantly- the people you love? hug them -call them t-ell them you love them. often and always. nobody and nothing is permanent. you never know when the last time is you will meet in eye contact again, smell someone, feel their hug or the essence of their spirit.

all you have is right now. to know this is one thing but to embody it is another. (*lesson 2 from my 20s)

so so grateful for my family and the depth of the connections i have in my life. i had to fall apart to get back up. the black hole has closed. i learned so much about myself, life and love in the hole. from it- i found my inner spark again. she was in there all along. ⚡️

I Love so much harder. Live without resentment and and open heart on the other side.

had a really good day. saw all of my favorite peeps. gonna do some precal.

happy happy thanksgiving (so full, so much pecan pie).



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