Scorpio Szn

fire- light- softness.

I knocked a lot out on my to do list today. i was exhausted from this week so I leaned into rest. my anemia has been rough so i have been doing iron injections, but wiped woman over here. I scheduled the dentist and OBGYN before i lose insurance jan1. egg freeze apt is also set up and ready to go. I booked and finalized a lot of africa countries — still need to get shots. im getting really excited about my travel and writing to come. my book name i am still unsure of , but i am going to embed my life through the pages, and i am loving it. Writing consistently gives me an igniter feeling that’s hard to put into words. I have been doing a little bit each night before bed and am already at near 100 pages. the flow is slightly complicated but I will figure it out more as the time unfolds and i can pull themes through. I LOVE to write. maybe one day I will scale back on work hours and write part time. This is less of a blog, more of a journal, but i would consider starting a real blog that has more objective topics/ less personal. or maybe more themed. Maybe i will turn this back into a blog soon- we will see, but i know writing is a long term love of mine and i am just at the beginnings of what is to come. When i think about a goals list for myself and the future- publishing books is at the top. so much to say, always- lol. just gotta work on the delivery and organization.

With regard to travel? – I’m starting in Botswana/Spain/Morocco. i would love to make it over to NZ and back to bali. we will see what time allows – one of my goals is to travel slow and let myself soak it in. I typically pack in a ton on my trips, blow through countries and incorporate a fuck ton of adventure. That is starting to shift for me. I absorb more in the slow in between moments. the central and south american countries i can get to easily with a full time job, so i feel like this is my opportunity to go FAR. I want to get my 500Hr yoga cert while im gone, too. Denver basically gave me an open offer saying that they will wait for me. they want me, and it feels really good. to go where you are wanted and want in return is everything. Equalized frequency ⚡️

I am in a complicated relationship with movement right now, lol. ally is teaching a 230 at highland memorial and i will go. i know ill feel better- i got in the pool with mom today and swam 8000- close to 5 miles. completely drained me. proceeded to engulf coke, burger and sweet potato fries. (TY gastroparesis for exiting the MF building). long comet ride with steven manana. 2 halloween parties this weekend and i am wiped. who am i ? lol. back baby, finally. I literally move through my days completely differently and it’s so freaking beautiful coming home to myself after 5 years of complete dysfunction in my body (and mind/heart the last 3).

t-9 weeks left at my job with some travel in between. I want to make an ATL bucket list before i go, and hit some places / knock off before i leave. Penny has been the sweetest most cuddly ever lately. she turned 6 this month- officially entering geriatric years.

I’m picking up momentum and dreaming really big. I’m working with Elsie to expand HY reach and my opinions are valued. I’ve shifted from fear and scarcity to empowerment and entrepreneurship. Just had to release the emotional chokehold that I had on me the last couple years.

On that note, I truly believe in new beginnings but I recognize some people don’t want to get to know you again due to the past. Don’t believe in transformation. If I believed that i never would have attempted to make it thru cheating. At my core I believe in transformation. I just didn’t know how to do in my past which led to a plethora of unhealthy. i lost it. I should have left earlier. It would have prevented a lot of hurt. Butttt Now I know. When we know better we do better. It’s all in the learning to love without the Past but also integrating it. I don’t want a bunch of hot small relational connections. I don’t do leaky energy. Every guy who starts to get to know me goes “you are different”. Lol yep. Sure am. If you aren’t my future partner ready to roll up your sleeves and go on the ride of yo life w me, get the fuck out. Ya girl is not interested. Will continue to date myself until my energy and commitment is matched.

It’s funny, I’m actually vibrant and fun in my own energy. ✨

I am going to go to this 230, and then come back and organize myself a little more before tonight.


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