Makin moves

Literally figuratively metaphorically.

– Africa for a yoga retreat. Booked and locked in

– Denver is happening and I’m so excited. It’s cutting edge and I get to be a fucking leader in ketamine therapy. The owner is so perceptive to my thinking and energy. I feel so lit up from the Inside out. I get to be a part of this amazing team that actually values others worth and well being. They are so open minded and Flexible. I’m excited to learn from her and also emit my energy and excitement for Micro doing and ketamine and the expansion that these medicines give humans in neural rewiring. Things happen in the way they are meant to, always.

– Im telling HY my last day is Jan 1. I’m gonna host 108 as my last class. I will absolutely positively bawl my eyes out. They are Franchising soon- so I will absolutely consider opening up a HY whenever I settle and get two feet on the ground somewhere

– Im attending retreats and traveling back to back from Jan- March. I have an LA and Miami trip in there for bachelorette parties (somehow gotta navigate my world travels with this). Holly wants to come with me to Australia, but I just love the solo travel. I become so Alive. Meet so many people and just endlessly connect in travel space.

– Im feeling more like myself again every single day. Losing yourself for years at a time is fucking scary. It wasn’t because of the person I was with but because of my own previous neural wiring. The fact that I mimicked that- whoa. I didn’t recognize myself. It makes sense because trauma changes us fundamentally but to feel the light and happy again is truly amazing


– Im setting dates and timelines for myself to hold myself accountable to goals I’m setting. Of course living in the ease. Also Micro dosing to get through the rest of this year at my job 😂

-AT&T Is here to set up my wifi , and then Im gonna make some returns and call the patient I got into it with yesterday lol. My heart is so big I can’t believe I’m doing that but I wanna figure it out w her and make peace (even tho I’m leaving lol ). Yay for big things ahead


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