9th accident + a flood… bonus lives, pls

I got back from europe on thursday. im still buzzing and inspired from my trip. There is so much in motion for me right now in all areas of my life. it feels so damn good. I will sign my agreement with work asap, and i have been in discussion navigating next steps.

Sebastian almost lost penny while i was in europe- she was out on the window ledge for 8 hours over night. Dom woke him up and brought her back in a laundry basket. It was a pic of her on the modera groupme…to say i was upset would an understatement. she was walking along the 7th floor window ledge trapped outside for 8 hours. After the fact, theres some humor- but only because shes okay.

I had so many people in this weekend for my 30th bday celebration- it was chaos, a collision of worlds , sex, altered states of mind and absolutely electric. I want to download and process more about the weekend. i have had multiple conversations about it already, and i probably need several more.

I got rear ended yesterday in the truck. lol i am rocking the 2003 white mazda. my third accident in 3 months. My new apartment flooded today after i spent 12 hours moving solo. to say the universe wants me out of atlanta may be the understatement of the year. It makes sense. it always does. my therapy appointment today we talked about all of my options- SO . MANY. I have never felt more desired in my life. i feel good in my body and in my life again. my support system is absolutely incredible. i feel desired sexually, as a provider, as a friend, as a yoga teacher. most importantly, i desire myself. my own time, i am taking care of myself. i am sexually tending to myself and im dreaming. in such a good place. the most beautiful part is that i got myself here. i knew what i needed. it took me months but i slowly did all of the things. I wish i would have started them in 2018 when my world imploded. never again will i give away that much power to someone else. ive learned how much the power inside me dictates everything.

trusting, trusting, trusting.

its 1030 and ive had such a long day- going to sign off. Once im settled in ANOTHER apartment lol how many moves… I will write more detailed posts, more reflection, and put out another pod episode.

my life is really beautiful.


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