I just wanna dance

life is so good right now. I feel FULL inside. free. happy. light. loved. supported. so lucky. my body hurts from the accident impact so bad, tingling and parasthesias in my fingers , the burns will scar and my fracture is swollen and itchy but i have never felt more ALIVE or inspired. its the wildest thing.

recording this pod episode, gonna have a full pool day, go for a walk (since im feeling more able to walk since wed). pack for corsica, clean my amazing apt i cannot get enough of and i have a med student with me at work manana and hes awesome. dinner w bubbe, life coaching call manana eve-and then im out!

need to recap my psilosybin journey from last night in a post. so freaking powerful. so many breakthroughs. the impact mdma and psylo and ketamine have on mental health and neuro rewiring — MIND. BLOWING. i have booked a session in costa rica to learn how to safely administer to patients this winter. in love w my field of medicine, in love w my friends, my apartment, my sweet kitty, my support system and my life. i never thought i would make it back to this place but here we are. Sometimes life sobers us in ways we didnt know we needed.

happy sunday- happy last week of 29. we moving into 30 in the best spirits possible.



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