my core value is integrity.

I am consistent, persistent, and of my word.

When I love someone, I show up.

Things are never as complicated as they seem. Only those without clear integrity find a way to make things “complicated”. its either in alignment of whats right, or its not. there is no in between. anyone who falls through the cracks due to lack of integrity must go.

My actions line up with what comes out of my mouth. When I am in crisis, I act with logic and reason even if emotion feels like the way to go. I look at it from all angles. I rely on those i know are also true in integrity to help guide me.

I do right by everyone in my life at the end of the day. Even if I don’t look good, or its not fun to get there.

If someone attempts to use manipulation or control, I state my problem through clear communication. That is not love.

we learn to love through our examples of love. it is up to us to scruitize and adjust.

breaking your word, using omission to lie, or shifting blame are 3 of the most toxic things you can do.

humans are innately selfish, but it is in those trying moments that life challenges us to step into the ring and show up. the trying moments is when the integrity test really comes in.

its easy to use words as a filler or to buy time, but its in the day to day actions that show what we value. when shit hits the fan, how do we respond ? nothing shows more character than how they react or respond to conflict, difficult conversations, or life’s crises.

Having fun and joking around is easy. How do you shift and show up when life isn’t so easy? who are truly your people at the end of the day? how do you know who really has your back?

I have decided that I am not a fit for friends, partners, in the workplace with those that do not hold themselves in integrity. I will not move forward in this life surrounding myself with those who don’t know how to show the fuck up.

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