Wellness without Preconceptions

This is something I have wanted to address for a long time. The wellness community is one in which I feel primarily consists of positive messages and empowerment to take control of ones health. However, lately I have found myself  overthinking before I start to speak on wellness and health, which is not a good thing considering I am about to start a podcast discussing these exact things. It kept bothering me. Why am I overthinking the most simplistic messages and trying to find the correct medium to get across something as fundamental as health. As I was walking up and down the aisles trying to find chia seeds with my mom in publix today, it hit me like a freaking freight train. My mom made the comment ” We will probably have to try somewhere like whole foods”.  A few minutes later we passed yet another barre studio and on the way home I got fired up inside my own head.

The picture of health is NOT:  the 10 miles you ran yesterday, the yoga class you did this morning, the million dollars you spent in whole foods or on amazon on adaptogens,  the powder you added to your smoothie, or your intention to try out the newest HIIT or barre class.  Health does not only reach one gender, or race, or body type or socioeconomic class. At the end of the day, these things simply enhance the foundation that is your health. they are optional lifestyle choices, not the defining factors of what embodies health and wellness.

the reality is: health is the optimal state of the human being both mentally and physically. Achieved through the breath, hydration, moving our bodies, fueling ourselves with nutrient dense whole foods, and sleeping to regenerate. These simple messages are not rocket science. With the constant health trends this becomes cloudy. This simple message gets lost in translation. health is for everyone. Taking control and empowering your life through health is the single best thing you can do for yourself. it doesn’t have to be expensive. it doesn’t have to mean that you suddenly become a runner. or a yogi. or drink smoothies (true fact: I hate smoothies).  Sometimes what the wellness community promotes is based on privilege and I cringe. It creates barriers. Barriers that do not need to be there. It puts a wall up on such basic building blocks and knowledge.

At the end of the day, I don’t give a shit if you went to barre, HIIT, or walked today for exercise. it’s the same message-  movement is important for circulation, to get our heart rates up, and tone muscle mass.

If you decided to get your omega 3s today from fresh organic salmon from whole foods and chia seeds in your kombucha, thats completely fine. If you ate one of the 4 cans of tuna from your pantry for lunch and got walnuts from Aldi last weekend, your also getting those omegas and forming those phospholipids.

I feel like I am rambling – but point being, I wanted to get this message out before I start podcasting and turning my knowledge of health and wellness external. I realize this is super controversial and I will be the first person to tell you it’s worth investing in yourself but the wellness space can feel exclusive and closed off sometimes. I keep this in mind as I speak, and my knowledge and opinions come with a layer of understanding. I just graduated nursing school, started my first job in march and I can’t afford a gym right now. I run outside for the majority of my workouts (I wouldn’t have it any other way). My yoga studio is $10 for a drop in class. I hate smoothies (have I said that yet?). I buy last years/ seasons running shoes off amazon. I also own more freaking lululemon than id like to admit, and I had chia seeds in my yogurt today. For me, its a balance. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You’re investing in your body and your mind, not a product or image. Okay. really I’m done. but just remember, diaphragmatic breathing, laughter, hydration, and movement are free. There are aspects that can feel discouraging when it comes to healthy eating, but I’m going to do my best to provide building blocks for sustainability to help for investment in long term health and development of lifestyle habits. Make long term lifestyle changes for yourself.  Don’t let chronic disease start to creep up on you. Run that exercise endorphin high. knowledge in life and in health is power. pick wellness. because you’re worth it.


love you all. ❤

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