30 before 30

Matthew+Savannah12 copyHi! Happy 2018!

I have definitely taken quite the hiatus from multiple areas of my life.. writing being one of them, but I vow to make it a higher priority this season.

Those of you who know me know that I don’t do new years resolutions, but I do recognize that they a good way for people to re-set and a reason to try new things. I think the other issue I have with resolutions is that they are often centered around changing something you don’t like about yourself rather than focusing on something positive or fun to do or try. That being said- I also tend to encompass the “do it now” mentality. Why not set a goal or try something different every couple months, or when you feel lag in a certain area of your life. (maybe thats the life of a person with chronic anxiety, but hey it works in positive ways too right?).

Back in November, I did just that.  After I made the decision to do best by my health and career and stay in Georgia post nursing school, I felt a shift. I very much live on a timeline. It’s absolutely outrageous sometimes, and I realize how rigid that makes me in some respects, but I have found that I function positively that way. The plan was always to move to Wisconsin and start working there while Matt finished medical school, but I had a career opportunity that presented itself, and everything about it felt right.  As relieved as my initial reaction was to taking a position I knew I would love in the NICU and staying where the majority of my support system and healthcare providers are, within a few weeks I started to beat myself up about not sticking to my timeline and what I had “planned”.  I felt like I needed to provide myself with something else new, or a leaf to turn over in light of (my first time ever, literally) intentionally not following my projected timeline.  Of course, there have been potholes in the road and dead ends in things I could never have predicted in the past (hello GI motility problems) but this was the first time I was consciously CHOOSING not to follow the voice inside my head that stays so rigid and type A about all things.

In some ways I feel good knowing I did something positive for myself, but in others I still struggle with my decision, and altering “what is supposed to happen”. I think sometimes though, its the “supposed to” mentality that gets us into trouble.

In light of changes, graduating from nursing school, accepting the job in Georgia, and getting engaged (yes…will be a whole separate post) I thought I would share the 30 before 30 list that I made to help me set goals that are on a little bit of a longer timeline. Plus, it was so fun to make and gives me things to look forward to. the best part is.. these are in no particular order and I still have 10 to fill in as I go!

Sav’s 30 before 30

  1. Complete an Ironman 70.3
  2. Swim in all of the oceans (or at least dip a toe in)
  3. Start a Garden (this one is def a continuation of the garden katile and I were convinced we would start in college that never happened)
  4. Move out of Georgia (bc I can’t just let it go that I altered my plans..)
  5. Run the 24 hour light night marathon in Alaska
  6. Get teacher training certified (in what yet I couldn’t tell you, but I just love all things cardio too much to let it go to waste)
  7. Write and publish an e-book
  8. Pass my nursing boards (lets hope this one happens 1/30)
  9. Try a new recipe every month for a year (this month it was a dessert! who is surprised)
  10. Actually keep up to date with blogging (lol… yeah good thing I have 5 more years to master that one)
  11. Start and finish NP school
  12. Get to 25/50 states in race 50. (For those that don’t know.. Matt and I are doing a race in every state as a lifelong goal of ours. We don’t want to rush it, but rather have fun with it and enjoy it, picking races that are attractive to us and do them leisurely as we travel- I think we are currently at 10 or 11!)
  13. Fully support myself (should be a given, but I mean off of health insurance, no outstanding loans on anything that I am paying,  self sufficiency before joining accounts with Matt, just solely support myself in all respects)
  14. Do a handstand press
  15. Marry Mateo ❤ -this one is a cop out, but I couldn’t not include it
  16. Roadtrip across America
  17. Have a wine and cheese picnic in a park in Europe
  18. Learn to forgive myself for taking a day off or not doing something “productive” every once in awhile
  19. Try the no poo method
  20. Adopt a labradoodle
  21. Napa  (completed 12/17 when Matt and I went out west for hiking and the UGA game)
  22. Take the NICU certification boards
  23. Travel to all 7 continents (3 down, 4 to go!)

On the cusp of cliche, but I really enjoyed making this list, and hopefully it inspires you to set goals and strive to mix it up any time, rather than as a resolution or something that you want to “change” about yourself. First up for me.. (other than passing the boards) is working on the continents and starting that first job.  It’s going to be a busy season.



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