Leap of Faith

I am half way through my final semester of nursing school! I absolutely cannot wait for this hell of a 15 months to come to an end.

I have learned an astronomical amount, but combining 24 hours of clinical  a week on top of a full academic schedule, managing a chronic illness, and applying for jobs and licensure this semester is far from a breeze. I absolutely want to continue my education and go back to school, but not for a few years (time for a break and some actual income after a solid 6 years of college and two degrees!). I turned 25 last month, and I have yet to work a full 40 hour a week job in my lifetime. You could say that I am extremely lucky, but I certainly don’t always have that outlook. I feel like I am lagging behind in some respects and need to throw myself into a full time working environment prior to committing to a career in nursing with more school and further specializing.

There is also the aspect of  my situation that I dislike factoring in- my motility disorder and working in a fast paced high acuity job while simultaneously taking care of myself. I am thankful in that I have finally found an ideal setting in which I am able to do this through my senior practicum. I have also struggled with where to take myself after I graduate in December – whether that means moving up to Wisconsin to be with Matt as he finishes medical school the next two years, independently travel elsewhere in the US and see a new area while I am still in my 20s, or stay in Atlanta where I have professional networking opportunities and guaranteed preferred options for work.  I have been back and forth in this area all summer into the past few months and still havent landed on a positive decision at this point. I have also been telling myself that the graduate residency programs are only two years or so, and it may be perfect timing for Matt and I if i were to accept something in Atlanta in an area of nursing I love, and move to start grad school and transfer my license to wherever we get placed for residency.

Evidently, a lot is up in the air- but I am entering a transition period (and those are never fun) and I know that everything will land and end up in the way that it’s ultimately meant to. In the meantime, I have made some strides into my GI puzzle (SIBO is playing a major role), and have managed to keep up strong relationships and friendships throughout the past 15 months on top of school and my health, and for that I am grateful. Matt and I have some fun fall traditions coming up in the next couple of weeks (it’s both of our favorite seasons) and our 6 year dating anniversary in November. When did I get this old?


Hoping that come December I can channel more time into my running and writing! yay for the 70 day countdown!



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