what happens when the pain in your heart and body takes over? when your spirit and zest for life feels absolutely gone. its beyond the pain of losing love, but its the pain of not having enough love inside of yourself outside of connection and movement. its wanting to give up completely. you barely recognize … Continue reading Done


Our nervous systems dictate safety. Let us know when a situation, person or area feels safe to exhale into. With my chaotic background, finding safety and leaning into it is an ongoing struggle for me. When i find safety in someone, i anchor. take hold. trust in them. show my heart. open up and build … Continue reading Safety


I remember in college my dad used to tell me that if i didnt treat my anxiety, it would undoubetly turn into depression... and here we are. it was easy to assign it to grief and losing matt, but i think it runs much deeper. it was abandoning myself to love someone else. it was … Continue reading depression

365 days.

Its been exactly a year since Matt and I leaned into a session with Sophie and Adi. Holy crap when I think about what has happened, and what lies ahead. Ive been lost, trapped, afraid ,alone , completely gutted, immobilized and helpless. I hit my own rock bottom. i realized-- nobody is coming to save … Continue reading 365 days.

so many updates

this will be short since i need to wake early for work tomorrow BUT employment dramaNYC updatescareer thoughts/progressionstress fratcure healing/ need to travel.closenessconfidence work